Thanks to an ideal microclimate, the vineyards in this area give the most scented and tasting grapes, trasformed into great wines. The exposure of the hills, the care of the vine and the low yield, express the top quality research.

Prosecco Extra Dry La Contessa


It is the maximum expression of Prosecco. We are talking about the Prosecco Extra Dry DOCG . Its noble and refined bubbles win from the first taste. The fine perlage comes from a slow fermentation obtained with the Charmat method, allowing the wine to rest slowly in an autoclave. Enveloping and persistent aromas of ripe fruit are combined with the fragrance and balance harmonious structure to give understanding emotions. The exceptional quality of the 100% Glera grapes makes it possible to reduce the sulphites to the mimin, well below the limits set for organic farming.


Prosecco Brut il Conte


The charm of the bubbles meets the international trends in the Prosecco Brut version with a low amount of remaining sugar. Only high quality grapes are able to give intense green-apple and pear aromas that manifests the strong personality of the Conte. Produced with tha Charmat method, is characterized by the really low amount of sulfites, lower than the limits set for organic products.